Second Chance

It would not be immodest to say second chance is the most watched programme on Ghanaian Television.Such is the intrigue and delicate plots in Second Chance that every night, million of viewers are glued to their TV screens in anticipation of what the next twist might be.

A story of love and hidden intentions,Second Chance thrives on a delicately woven plot that leaves everyone spellbound.

Second Chance is the story of Pedro, a millionaire who finds love at the age of 67.Isabel, the object of his affection is a very sensual woman who is talented at hiding her true intention.

When Pedro suddenly dies of a heart attack, he refuses to give up on his love and comes back in the body of another man, Salvador.

Abigail, Pedro’s trusted housekeeper is the seeming loyal and trustworthy butler.What Pedro did not bargain is the hatred she hold s for him.

Second chance is full of suspense and intrigue ably complimented by engaging dialogue.